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Alphabetical listing of Essays presented on Home Page with a direct link to these Essays.                 

A comprehensive examination of the abortion issue 

Are the Biblical Scriptures Reliable? 

Arguments for the existence of God                                 

Commentary on "The Purpose Driven Life"                        

Commentary on The Revelation                                          

Creation versus Evolution Controversy    

Did Enoch and Elijah not die?                       

Did John write the Fourth Gospel?    

Doctrine of Original Sin                                  

Does The Fig Tree Represent Israel?                                    

Evidence For The Resurrection of Jesus                             

Faith, Repentance, Baptism and Salvation                         

Hebrews: A Study In Covenantal Transition                        

Homosexuality and Christianity                                          

Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ                      

Origin and Significance of Satan and Demons                    

Passover and the Crucifixion                                               

Passover and the Exodus                                                      

Predestination or Freewill                                      

Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Case for Universal Salvation                                    

The Christmas Controversy                                                 

The God Of Jesus (The Trinity Issue) 

The sons of God in Psalms 82 and Genesis 6                                                            

Standing Before God: (The Grace/Works Issue)                  

The Doctrine of Original Sin

The Laws of Clean and Unclean                                          

The Nature Of The Holy Spirit                                              

The Tongues Issue                                                                

The Star Of Bethlehem                                              

Three Days and Three Nights

What Is The Church?

What Happens After Death?                                                  

What Is Holiness?                                                                   

What Is and What Ain't                                                         

What Is The Kingdom Of God?                                               

When Does Christ Return?    

When was the Book of Daniel written?                                               

Which Day Is The Christian Sabbath?